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Volunteer, donor and advocate for finding a cure.

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For the last 17 years, Hope For a Cure Foundation has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for researchers who need extra equipment to conduct their research. Find out how you can contribute to the future of a world without cancer through donations of money and/or time.


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   recent fundraising Success

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, September 11, 2021 on the cottage lawn of the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, where we were privileged to have our Guest of Honor, Anna Spalding,along with Special Guests Dr. Andrew Sharabi, Dr. Jason Sicklick and Dr. Joseph Califano gave informative and compelling speeches on the effects of cancer and the incredible research being done to eradicate the disease.

Anna was diagnosed in November 2020 with Ewing Sarcoma, a cancer located in her pelvis. She is currently being treated at UCSD Moores Cancer Center. We are happy to report that she finished her last chemo treatment and fortunately there is no sign that the cancer has metastasized. Anna is an inspiration to all who know her.

Peter & Jody Spalding, Anna Spalding Marsh & Chris Marsh (photo courtesy Robert McKenzie)

Approximately 80 people attended the fundraising dinner, and due to their generosity, we doubled our initial goal, thereby allowing us to purchase a Thermofisher Scientific Spectrophotometer for the shared labs of Dr. Sicklick, Dr. Sharabi and Dr. Califano - our 21st piece of equipment since our founding!

We appreciate all who attended the event and made it such a great success.

Special thanks to our Major Donors:

  • Liedle | Larson LLP
  • Gracianna Winery
  • Charles Schwab / Joe Buckingham
  • Jay & Maria Shields
  • Dane and Nicole Smith
  • Ben and Kris Simon
  • Renae Farley
  • Hunter and Juliana Hastings

A huge thanks to Kris Simon for creating the beautiful bouquets, table decor and gift bags; and Olga Bastiaannet whose artistic talent was seen in all of the artwork for the event.

We encourage anyone who is interested in working with the Foundation and/or who would like to make a donation to our worthy cause please contact Maryjo Highland directly,, or by clicking the DONATE NOW button above which goes directly to PayPal.

Dane & Nicole Smith, Board President Maryjo Highland, UCSD Moores Cancer Center - Dr. Sharabi, David Bienstock (photo courtesy Robert McKenzie)


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Kris Simon

Volunteer and grateful donor.

Juliana Hastings

Volunteer, donor and proponent for more research.

  • 20 pieces of equipment purchased to date
  • Each recipient carefully chosen based on Foundation guidelines
  • Donated to UCSD Moores Cancer Center; The Salk Institute; The Scripps Research Institute, The Burnham Institute; The Vaccine Institute and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

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Every dollar helps our cause, but we also need additional volunteers who are willing to give us a few hours of their time on a committee for our annual fundraising event, letter writing campaign, or several other opportunities.

Hope For a Cure Foundation has a unique mission. We use almost 100% of every donated dollar to purchase equipment for local cancer researchers/physicians in San Diego. We are all volunteers, and this is our passion.

Anna Spalding Marsh

Volunteer, courageous survivor, and advocate for the power of love.

  • Founded in 2004 by 5 passionate volunteers
  • No salaries
  • Minimal administrative costs
  • Annual letter writing campaign
  • Annual fundraiser; September 11, 2021

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Maryjo Highland

Co-Founder, volunteer, cheerleader and President extraordinaire.

Olga Bastiaannet

Co-Founder, volunteer, survivor, and director of media.


For the shared labs of Dr. Califano, Dr. Sicklick, Dr. Sharabi the purchase of a Thermofisher Scientific Nano Drop TM with WiFi &Qubit TM Fluorometer & Eppendorf Centrifuge 5424 R knob, refrigerated, with Rotor FA-24x2mL. This will allow the physicians to significantly help increase the efficiency of their DNA and RNA sequencing projects.

UCSD Moores Cancer Center - Donors View

Dr. Sharabi's Lab, October 2018

Sharabi Lab Team, left to right:

Philip Dominick Sanders, BS, Laboratory Manager/Research Associate; Dr. Sayuri Miyauchi, DDS, PhD, Post Doc; Sangwoo "Shaun" Kim, BS, Medical Research Student Fellow; Dr. Andrew B. Sharabi, MD, PhD, Primary Investigator. 

Donors, left to right:

David  Bienstock, Juliana Hastings, Hunter Hastings (not pictured - Adria and Ira Cammeyer)


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Jay and Maria Shields

Volunteers, donors and avid supporters of cancer research.

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I’m used to being in spandex no shirt, and barefoot on a yoga mat when I speak, but for those of you that know me -  I do love a good challenge!

I’ve tried to live my life in a way that invited new challenges in with open arms and a spirit that said “Thank you let’s do this!” Whenever someone would tell me I couldn’t or it’s impossible my response would usually be we’ll see about that! This fearlessness I pay tribute to my parents who always supported me in my “not normal” way of going about things.

“You want to move to California to be a photographer? "Fantastic! You want to be a professional dancer? Go right ahead girl, we've got your back! You’re marrying a Republican? Awesome!"

My husband and my parents believed in me in a way that set fire to my feet and fearlessness in my heart. They gave me the courage to face every obstacle with a forgiving heart and an open mind. And man, were we hit with those obstacles…I guess you never really know what you’re capable of until you find yourself head on, face to face with Cancer.

Everything changes when you are told you have cancer.The life you once had is gone. The body you once moved in freely becomes foreign. And your mind… your mind that once was is now forever changed. But here’s the thing about change. It’s inevitable. The greatest cause of suffering is the idea that we have some kind of control over what happens or how our story plays out. And here’s the crazy part you guys…the very moment we finally let go and ride that crazy thing called trust…THATS when the magic happens.

I’m not going to stand her and tell you that this wasn’t the most difficult ride I’ve ever been asked to jump on. But I will say that we are stronger than we know. And strength doesn’t necessarily come from what we can do…it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

My life in the summer of 2020 is kind of a blur. We had lost our yoga studio to Covid and horrible landlords and we were trying to survive quarantine with a little bit of grace left intact. And then this odd pain in my hip began; it would go away and then come back again with a vengeance. After months of suspicions of sciatica my D.O. Dr. Williams and I decided to get an MRI. Well…it wasn’t sciatica.

The silver lining in the storm that hit me on October 21st (at 3:30pm to be exact) is that there was one way to treat this rare cancer known as Ewing Sarcoma. An aggressive hit of all the big boys, aka chemo & radiation. I quickly changed this to medicine therapy and spa days to keep thing’s positive. :)

This known treatment plan made it so I didn’t have to choose between plan A or plan B (or even C) There was just the PLAN…fight your ass off Anna!

I road into Jacobs Medical Center at UCSD with Chris blaring ACDC Thunder and ready wearing my fighting gloves. I was ready to fight with my whole heart. No way was cancer going to take me down. But even with my fighting gloves (& ACDC) I could have never been prepared for my first round of chemo.

I honestly felt like I died and was reborn. The medicine that filled my body felt like poison and there were moments I didn’t know how I was going to make it. But I did…I made it to the other side.

Because of my family, my friends, the incredible team at UCSD, Dr. Boles, Dr. Einck, my students, and the beautiful guidance that is Yoga…I stand here before you.

Thank you, Chris, Mom & Dad, my amazing friends and family for being my light in a time that was so dark and unknown. FOREVER I am grateful for my guardian angels.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life…its power that is LOVE. The kind of courageous love that endures all and evolves into something more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

Be grateful for all that comes…for it has been sent as a guide from beyond. Let us pave way our own amazing, messy, courageous path…And remember that love is the most powerful thing we have on this earth.

Your heart knows the way…run in that direction.

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Renae Farley

Volunteer, survivor and advocate for research and early detection.

anna spalding's speech - 9/11/21

Matt Liedle

CFO, sponsor (Liedle & Larson, LLP ), (and director of music!).